We Are Not Techy!

Everything you will experience with Pavement Layers is simple and easier than you do it today.  It does not matter if you are the owner, a salesperson or office personnel, if you value your time, quality of life, doing better and being your best—you can use this software very easily!

  • This is built specifically for the pavement industry — to be simple — and we are constantly adding and improving!
  • You do need some computer ability, but not much.  If you or your employees do not have the attitude to do things better and different to make life easier—sorry this is not for you.
  • If you have team members who have no computer ability—spend 1 hour and and have them trained in a simple manner.  You are a Pavement Contractor, not a trainer, let us help!
  • When you see the results of giving an ipad ($600) to someone with little or no technical ability and how they can meet with customers, create proposals that are well written and look beautiful in as little as 5-minutes closing better work—you will have happier more satisfied employees who will value themselves and the company like never before!