What is Pavement Layers?

Pavement Layers is a Proven Sales Process supported with Simple to use Software to make your life a lot better–fast! Pavement Layers is a cloud based software that enables any user connected to the internet with any type of web-enabled device (Laptop, PC, MAC, iPad, Android, iPhone etc)to Create, Organize, Edit & Send Customized Pavement Proposals with images that win better work faster!

These features will enable you to win better work, faster & easier while making it great for you & your company, your customers and most importantly your family!

  • It cost $1,900- $2,200/user/year based on quantity of users and integrates with WheelitOff, our ipad Measuring, Marking and Presentation App (costs an additional $300)
  • Step by step videos that show you & your team a simple process to See, Shape & Build Pavement Projects better, faster while closing more!
  • Real Time Tracking of Won, Lost, Closed, Open, Canceled Projects of Each User. No More Wondering.
  • Create, Organize, Send, Edit and Customize Proposals that Customers Love in Less than 5 Minutes! Work Orders with a tap including driving directions, images and scope of work.
  • Preloaded Specifications Included for the Services You Perform or Customize Your Own.
  • Notifications Sent via Email of New Leads, Opened Proposals, Forwarded Proposals, Detailed Work Orders & more.
  • Upload Images with Measurements, Repairs Marked, Zones etc from WheelitOff & Other Sources.
  • Proposal Approval for your sales team who are not yet ready to price projects! Now they can produce part of the proposal, or all of it to have it sent for approval in a simple click and send method.
  • Complete Set up in less than 2 hours with Included Support and Training.
  • Works from Any Device Connected to the Internet.
  • Hundreds of Firms, Large and Small, are Happy Users across North America.
  • Quickbooks Online Integration included.