Other Than Making a Proposal in 2-Minutes What Else Does it Do?

We are experts in process, sales, and marketing, who also happen to have been in the pavement industry for more than 30 years! We are constantly coming out with new features & functions you and your customers will love!  Here are some of the features:

  • Create, Organize, Send, Edit and Customize Proposals that your customers love in Less than 5-Minutes.
  • Preloaded specifications are included for the services you perform or you can Customize Your Own.
  • Real Time Tracking of Won, Lost, Closed, Open or Cancelled Projects based on the salesperson.  No more wondering! In a second you have all the info in your Pipeline!
    • New Leads
    • The proposal you sent was opened!
    • The proposal you sent was forwarded!
    • And more!
  • Include Images with measurements, repairs marked, sections color coded in zones etc with WheelifOff.com, our iPad measuring, marking and presentation tool!  You can go to any property location, mark it up with whatever you like, and tap 2 buttons and VIOLA! The full color image is in your proposal!
  • Add Product and Company Information with a tap of your finger such as:
    • Insurance & workers Comp
    • References
    • Product bulletin, brochures, MSDS Sheets etc.
  • Include images from a camera or other source
    • Upload any document to a proposal such as drawings, scope of work etc.
  • Ability to change any proposal on the fly for simple one-time customizations!
  • Reporting on all users, history details and More!
    • What is the snapshot today of open, closed, won, lost and cancelled projects on each salesperson?
    • Breakdown of proposals and status of each type of project such as repair, paving, maintenance etc.
    • Filters and reports showing details in seconds
  • Know what is going on with your sent proposals:
    • every time a client opens your proposal you will receive an email notification letting you know
      • who opened the proposal
      • where it was opened
      • all contact data sent to your email
      • if the proposal was forwarded
      • And more!

Since we have created Pavement Layers we have never stopped improving it to make the lives of you, your team and your clients much better….Pavement Layers, made by industry experts!