What Happens if I Do Not Renew My Service?

Wow, hopefully you can let us know why, or if there is anything we can do to keep you happy?

You are invoiced to renew your service in advanced from RapidInjection LLC and payment must be made on time.  If you choose not to make the payment on time, there is a re connection fee of $150.00.  Service will not be activated until this is all paid in full.

You will be invoiced well in advance for the renewal of your Pavement Layers service.  In the event that you do not pay by your renewal date, your service will be terminated until you pay your renewal fee.

Throughout your paid subscription you have had full access 24/7 to download any and all information of you account in our “Export” section. 

Please understand that you are responsible for the downloading of your data, not Pavement Layers, and that we will do everything we can in a timely manner to help, however any and all fees are required to be paid in advance before our team spends any additional time on downloading data for your firm.  We are unable to ever give you access in advance, so please be prepared and plan accordingly.

We understand you will have a sense of urgency and demand what you want when you want it, we will do our best in a timely manner after payment has been received to help you.  In the event that you wish to access data after account termination for non renewal, please contact us and we will establish the costs associated with providing you with data access after your account termination.

To have access to data after account termination or to discuss reactivating terminated accounts that have been paid, please contact us at support@pavementlayers.com